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Professional Piloting

PilotingThe UAF Community and Technical College offers an associate of applied science degree in professional piloting. With more pilots and aircraft per capita than any other state, the importance of aviation to the Alaskan economy and life-style is unparalleled.

Program Overview

The professional piloting program offers a series of aviation piloting courses ranging from ground school classes for private through commercial flying, arctic survival, and weather and aircraft maintenance. Rated pilots or military aviators may be eligible for credit based upon experience and FAA certificates, which may be applied towards an associate of applied science degree in professional piloting or a minor in aviation technology. See department personnel for details. UAF does not offer flight instruction.

A minor in aviation technology will give students an opportunity to become familiar with the field of aviation, with particular emphasis on the use of aviation as a tool and economic process within the Alaska environment.
The program is located in the newly renovated Hutchison Institute of Technology, just minutes away from Fairbanks International Airport. Classrooms and offices are shared with the Aviation Maintenance Technology program, one of the only FAA-certified, Part-147 school programs in the nation that can be completed in just 12 months.  Class size is limited, to ensure you receive individual help and attention. Instructors are experienced aviation professionals who possess excellent technical skills and knowledge and the ability to communicate with their students.

Contact Information:

Kevin Alexander, Coordinator
Professional Piloting
UAF Community and Technical College
P.O. Box 758080
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775
email: kwalexander@alaska.edu
Phone: (907) 455-2921

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