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Human ServicesThe human services A.A. degree program provides skills-based training, based on a foundation of theory, to prepare you for an entry-level position within a human services agency. This program provides you with a basic understanding of interviewing and assessment techniques, case management, crisis intervention, group counseling, and specialized skills needed within your specific area of concentration.

Program Overview

Students complete foundation courses, then select an area of concentration: addictions counseling, behavioral health, or an individualized concentration that meets an individual student’s unique needs. All are geared towards specific entry level positions. Obtaining a minor in human services is also an attractive option for those seeking a bachelor’s degree in the social sciences and/or criminal justice fields.

If you have a strong desire to help others, a sincere respect for humankind, and a commitment to your own personal growth, you may find a career in human services very rewarding. Recovery from life traumas and addictions can be a positive attribute, if you have successfully worked through your own issues and are willing to continue personal growth.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can work in a variety of human services settings to include; substance abuse treatment centers, mental health facilities, social services agencies, developmental disabilities, public assistance and corrections. Jobs can include social services aide, ICWA worker, counselor and advocate. Graduates typically work under the supervision of specialty workers, often as members of a multidisciplinary team. Recovery from life traumas or addictions can be a positive attribute, if the student has successfully worked through the issues and is willing to continue personal growth. People seeking a career in human service should recognize that in order to be successful they must be emotionally stable, creative and flexible. Human service workers will have to be able to work with diverse groups of people and individuals with a wide variety of ages, social and cultural backgrounds and life situations.

Distance Delivery

Rural and extended campus students may complete an associate of applied science degree in human services without moving to a main campus location. All 60 credit hours required for the degree are available by a statewide distance delivery system. Practicum placements will be coordinated locally unless you wish to experience a different location and agency. All classes are offered on-site at the UAF Community and Technical College in Fairbanks and via distance delivery. Students who are interested in taking Human Services Courses through distance delivery or other options can use this link for more information: Cross Regional Human Services A.A.S Degree Program

Program Transitions

Rural students who complete the Rural Human Services Certificate program have 27 human servcies credits, and may proceed directly into general education requirements and upper level human services courses. Most credits earned with the human services degree will apply to the bachelor’s degree in social work and bachelor’s degree in rural development, which are also distance delivered. The associates of applied science degree in human services, or 18 human services credits, can also be used as a minor for any UAF degree requiring a minor.

Chemical Dependency Counselor Certification
Seven courses (Six three-credit, one one-credit) are approved by the Alaska Commission for Behavioral Health Certification for Alaska Chemical Dependency Counselor certification training. Currently certified Chemical Dependency Counselors are eligible for transfer credit toward the human services degree. Many students with a BA or BS degree return to human services to qualify for certification or to acquire specific job-related skills. Approved classes are stated in the listing of requirements.

Contact Information:

Bob Parr, HS-BCP
Assistant Professor, Advisor
Human Services Program
UAF Community and Technical College
604 Barnette Street
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
P: 907.455.2882
F: 907.455.2894

Kelly Jo Peissner
Administrative Assistant
Early Childhood Education/Human Services
UAF Community & Technical College
604 Barnette St. Suite 205
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907)455-2842 voice
(907) 455-2894 fax

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