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Required AMT Tool List

Pliers, Cleco

Inspection Mirror

Pliers, Diagonal Cutting

Pick up tool magnetic

Pliers, Duckbill

Hammer Ball Peen

Pliers, Longnose

Hammer soft face

Pliers, Channel look

Vice gripe

Screwdriver Set Common

Cold Chisel, 1⁄4

Screwdriver Set Phillips

Cold Chisel ,1⁄2

Adjustable wrench 6”

Volt ohm Meter

Adjustable Wrench 10”


Hacksaw With Assorted Blades


Punch set pin

Center punch

Punch set aligning

Combination Square

Wrench set Combination
(5⁄16" 7⁄8")

Numbered drill Index, 1-60

Fractional Drill Index,1⁄16-1⁄2


Wrench set Allen (1⁄16⁄-3⁄8")

Safety Wire, .032",1#

Adapter, ½” Male to 3⁄8" Female

Safety Wire, .040", 1#

Socket set, 1⁄4: Drive

Half round file ,8"

Socket set, 3⁄8: drive

Round file, 8”

Ruler Steel, 6”

Caliper, 6”

Safety Goggles

Respirator, NIOSH/MSHA-approval

Soldering Equipment

Compass For drawing circles

Goggles welding

Ear protection

Gloves Disposable Polyethylene 100

Protective Clothing for welding

Gloves Solvent resistant

Inspection light

Wire Stripper/Crimper

Snap ring pliers

Toolbox Max size 33" long x 21" wide

Fire card

10 power magnification glass

Feeler Gauge

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