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AMT Program Specific

Where are the classes located?

Our Program is housed at the UAF CTC Aviation Hangar at 3504 University Ave South, on the East Ramp of the Fairbanks International Airport. Get Directions

Is the CTC part of UAF?

Yes.  The city of Fairbanks is geographically located in the Tanana Valley.  The Community & Technical College Campus is UAF's community college branch for Fairbanks.  These are UAF courses, you will be a UAF Student, and you will receive a UAF diploma upon graduation.

How can you offer a one year A&P program, when most schools require two or more years?

Our Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) Program consists of 1932 hours of instruction - very similar to other aviation maintenance training programs. The basic difference is that our program is set up so that students attend eight hours a day, five days per week, for one calendar year. We are just packaging it in a one-year timeframe instead of a longer period.
Students can elect to take the course for just 4 hours a day for 2 years.  This option is best for students who must work full time while they attend school.

What holidays do AMT students get?

July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), Christmas (2 weeks), Spring Break (1 week), including Memorial Day.

What is the schedule of classes?

Typically classes are scheduled from 7:35 a.m. - 11:35 a.m. (usually power plant classes except summer) and 12:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. (usually airframe classes except summer).

How much homework is necessary?

Homework will vary with background and ability; students should plan on a minimum of three hours of homework each evening.

Where can I find a list of classes in the AMT program.

Consult the most current UAF Class Schedule.

When can I start?

Start times will vary with the background of each student. The official program start will be around September 1 beginning in 2008. Students with an extensive background in aviation and mechanics (not necessarily aviation mechanics) may consider starting at any time during the year, with the approval of the AMT faculty. Consult one of the faculty for further information.

What are the ramifications of starting at a time other than the official start of the program?

Since this option is only open to students with an extensive background in aviation and mechanics, the single largest detriment is the necessary additional study and preparation that will be required to prepare for class. Additionally, since all classes are required there may be some boredom experienced in subsequent general classes.

What are the attendance rules?

Roll is taken at the beginning of each session. Missed time is counted against the student in half hour increments - rounded up. All time missed must be made-up.Per FAR 147.31(c)

What tools are required?

Basic aircraft mechanic hand tools are all that are required. Click on tools for a generic list.

Where can I buy the tools needed and what will they cost me?

The tools can be purchased from any reputable tool supplier. Students usually receive discounts from the Snap-on Industrial Representative, the Mac Industrial Representative, MATCO web based sales, and from your local Sears store. Always check the company's web sites, as student discount specials change frequently.

What books are required?

What books are required? A variety of textbooks are required for the AMT program and MUST be with student on first day of class, contact program for packet.

Do I receive my license upon completion of the class?

No. However, upon completion of the AMT certificate program you will receive a Letter of Completion that will qualify you to take the FAA written exams for the Mechanic Certificate. These written exams include a general, airframe, and power plant section. Upon successful completion of all three written exams, you may then complete the oral and practical exams with a Designated Mechanic Examiner. When all three written exams, five oral exams, and five practical exams have been successfully completed an FAA Temporary Airman's Mechanic's Certificate with an Airframe and Power plant rating will be issued by the FAA or designated examiner, provided all other FAA requirements have been met. Examiners charge a fee for giving the tests.

Entrance Questions

Is there drug testing?


Will a criminal record affect my chances of attendance?

Convictions will affect your choices of training and job opportunities. Check pages 101 and 49 of the 2010-2011 catalogue.

How can I apply to the AMT Program?

Send an application to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Office of the Registrar. Click on Admissions for more information.

What degree or certificate program(s) should I select?

If you are interested in obtaining an FAA A&P Certificate only, select the AMT Certificate Program.

If you are interested in a college degree select both the AMT Certificate Program and the Maintenance Technology A.A.S. Degree.

If you already have an FAA Mechanic's Certificate with a single rating (or can qualify for one) select both the appropriate certificate program (either Airframe or Power plant) and the Maintenance Technology A.A.S. Degree.

Contact an AMT advisor for additional assistance.

Student Life

Associated Students of UAF (ASUAF)


KSUA FM UAF Student Radio Station

Student Activities

Sun Star Student Newspaper


What kind of jobs do your graduates get?

Many of our graduates choose to work in General Aviation (small aircraft)or the airlines. Many have gone on to become lead mechanics, shop foremen, and directors of maintenance at various FAA Part 135 (Air Taxi) Operations.

Can students successfully manage a part-time job while attending school?

This is completely dependent upon the student's background, drive, and determination. While we do not encourage outside employment, we have had many students over the years successfully manage both.

Do you have a job placement service?

The University of Alaska maintains a job placement office. In addition, many employers call the AMT program soliciting graduates on a regular basis.

FAA Tests

Where do I go to take the FAA tests?

Current web page address is http://www.faa.gov/licenses _certificates/

What is your success rate on the FAA exams?

Currently close to 100% of our students are passing the FAA written exams.

Can I take all my tests at the UAF AMT Program.

No. The written exams must be taken with an authorized computer testing center.


How much does the AMT Certificate Program cost?

The costs will vary from student to student, depending upon a variety of factors, such as residency status, current health insurance, available tools, living accommodations, etc. For more information on tuition and fees at UAF, visit the UAF Tuition and Fees web site.

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