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A professor at UAF in Applied Business and Accounting by day, and an entrepreneur by night, I have also served as the University's Statewide Personnel Manager, Director of Admissions, and Director of the Small Business Development Center - looks to me like I have a hard time holding a job…. I'm certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resource Management and licensed by Franklin Covey as a time management instructor.

Anyone who knows me will attest that I am certainly certifiable. I've won the College of Rural Alaska's Nancy Mendenhall Award, last year the UAF student body named me Faculty of the Year, and this year I won the Usibelli Distinguished Teaching Award… Despite repeated requests by students and administration, I haven't yet given back those awards…

After spending 4 years as a sophomore at the University of Hawaii majoring in the academic discipline of surfing, that University strongly recommended Aloha to me and I moved to Alaska where, on the 12 year plan, I - somehow - finished college, settled down, bought a motorcycle, took up racquetball - and got tennis elbow. I've been married to my wife for 27 years, have two adopted children who are now 16 and 18 - and rumor has it that my wife, Marylee is being nominated for Sainthood by all who know me and our kids.

Phone: 907-455-2837
Email: cndexter@alaska.edu
Location: Room 224A, 604 Barnette St.
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, and by appointment.



Born in the Black Forest in Germany, the wanderlust got a hold of me early on. After graduating from high school I packed my bags and traveled through Australia for 9 months before my father sent me off to Law and Business School in Bayreuth, Germany to make a proper citizen out of me.

Only being able to sit still for three years, I was off again, this time to the New World - America. My father let me go only because I promised him I would study business as an exchange student at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Well, I held my promise but also engaged actively in discovering the New World. Two of my great discoveries were my wife Donna, who I met while studying in Nebraska, and the 49th State - Alaska.

Since 1993, I have been able to combine my two great discoveries and I am enjoying the great state of Alaska together with Donna. Now, being part of the exciting, fun and dynamic Applied Business Team with Melissa and Charlie adds a third unbeatable dimension. I couldn't ask for more - besides maybe catching that record trophy trout in a beautiful undiscovered mountain lake… fly-in only of course.

Phone: 907-455-2862
Email: apanger@alaska.edu
Location: Room 224E, 604 Barnette St.
Office Hours: ?



I've been with the Applied Business and Accounting Department at UAF for a few years now and couldn't imagine doing anything else. OK, becoming a kayaking tour guide in Maui has crossed my mind once or twice, but only during exam week when I witness the pure stress I put my students through.

When I moved from Delaware to Fairbanks in '92, I not only found the University, but I found my husband, as well. So, when not working, I'm usually with Sean and our daughter, Alex. Since my family and I consider play just as important as work, we've found there's no place better than Alaska for canoeing, fishing, snow machining and skiing with friends.

While I love being in the classroom, I've become very excited about teaching web-based courses. This is a new aspect of our program, so please contact me if you're interested in pursuing your degree online.

Email: mcbrown@alaska.edu



Jean HeusinkveldAs a result of merging the Office Management and Technology program into Applied Business, I now have a new family here at UAF Community and Technical College.  Besides teaching Applied Business courses and coordinating the Administrative Assistant Academy, I remain quite involved teaching computer classes for the ITS program--with a business focus, of course. Upon graduation from Northeast Missouri State University with a teaching degree in business, I headed north for Alaska open to adventure. My escapades include raising my four sons, serving as camp cook for six summers at remote placer gold mining camps, living 25 miles north of Fairbanks for 16 years using a generator for electricity, riding snowmachines all winter long, and teaching business and computer courses at both high school and college level. To celebrate a recent birthday milestone, I took a 185 mph ride in a Nextel race car at Concord Raceway—what a hoot! My current pastimes involve delighting in my toddler granddaughter and enjoying my amazing students.

Phone: 907-455-2815
Email: ejheusinkveld@alaska.edu
Location: Room 224B , 604 Barnette St.
Office Hours: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Tuesday/Thursday and by appointment.


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