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UAF Community & Technical College Tech Prep Program

The Tech Prep Program is offered in cooperation between the UAF Community and Technical College and the TechPrep SavingsDelta Greely School District. The program recognizes the high quality of courses that are offered in the high school and provides students the opportunity to receive university credit for specific high school classes at a reduced cost.
The process is simple:

High School Class = 1 UAF Credit

Culinary Arts I

High School Class = 3 UAF Credits

Accounting 1 (2 semesters)
Computer-Aided Drafting I and II
Digital Publishing (2 semesters)
Metal Shop I (2 semesters)
Students must pass a UAF CTC competency exam 
before registering for credits
Trades Math (2 semesters)

Updated 2-26-14

Delta High School Tech Prep Classes & Applicable UAF Degrees

High School Course UAF Course/Credits UAF Degree Program(s)

Accounting 1 (2 semesters)

3 credits

Accounting Technician
Business Management
A.A.S. – Applied Accounting
A.A.S. – Applied Business
A.A.S. – Construction Management
CAD Drafting I & II DRT F170
3 credits
A.A.S. – Drafting
A.A.S. – Construction Management
Culinary Arts I CAH F101
1 credit
Culinary Arts & Hospitality
A.A.S. – Culinary Arts & Hospitality
Digital Publishing CIOS F233
3 credits

Information Technology Specialist
A.A.S.: IT Specialist – Computer Technology Support

Math for the Trades (MAT 309)
2 semesters
3 credits
Fulfills General University Degree Requirement for Computation
Metal Shop 1* (2 semesters) WMT F103
3 credits
Occupational Endorsement in Welding
* Students must pass a UAF CTC competency exam before registering for university credits.
* NOTE: Any of these courses can also be used as “elective” credits in various other majors.


Techprep Questions call 455-2800

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