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High School StudentsThe Tech Prep program is offered in cooperation between the UAF Community and Technical College (CTC) and other educational institutions allowing high school or vocational/technical  education students to earn credits toward a certificate and/or degree by completing classes in their high school or vocational technical education institution that have been approved for college credit by UAF/CTC. Tech Prep recognizes high quality courses offered at the high school or vocational/technical level and offers the students the opportunity to receive university credit for specific pre-approved classes at a reduced cost. This gives high school students or vocational/technical education students the opportunity to earn credit at their home institution and university credit while taking classes in their own school.

Tech Prep allows students to:

Presentations by a UAF CTC representative will be made in all the Tech Prep classes and instructions for downloading the registration and FERPA forms will be explained and are also listed below. Grades received in the high school or vocational/technical education course will be reflected on the students' UAF transcripts. Students may register for a Tech Prep course during the current school year. Deadline for registration and payment will be the 2nd Monday in May. There is no limit to the number of UAF credits a student may receive through Tech Prep. The cost is only $25 per credit.

Participating Tech Prep Partners

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Alaska's Institute of Technology
Ben Eielson
High School
Chugiak High School MAT-SU
Career and Technical
High School
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Delta High School Hutchison High School King Career Center Lathrop High School
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North Pole High School West High School West Valley High School  

Contact Information:

Jolie Phillips
Phone: 455-2874
EMail: jmeckert@alaska.edu

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