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Professional Development Courses
All professional development courses offer continuing education units (CEU) and are non-graded. Courses appear on student's University of Alaska Fairbanks transcript.

ABUS F001C Teambuilding and Motivating Employees .3 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $60.00
Team building skills are critical for effectiveness for all supervisors. Learn how to work as a team, reassess your team's goals and direction, communicate better, and give your team a boost of energy. Team building has a positive effect on the morale, motivation, confidence, and effectiveness of the team and its individual members that immediately transfers to the workplace.
37462 T01 W 9:00a-12:00p 604B 211 Craddock, D 03/05
ABUS F003C Planning a Successful Event .3 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $60.00
This session will give a brief introduction to concepts and practices required for successful planning, marketing, and managing of special events. Topics will include benefits of special events, working with boards of directors and volunteers, the importance of sound financial practices, event operations and marketing.
37465 T01 W 9:00a-12:00p 604B 211 TBA 03/26
ABUS F004C Change Is Good: From Good to Great .3 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $60.00
Change in business is never a seamless process but organizational change can happen - especially if you seek feedback and foster buy-in from the people involved. Change can originate from any level in an organization. It doesn't have to come only from the top. In fact, in order to be successful, every level of an organization must take part in defining what changes are needed and how they will be achieved.
37463 T01 W 9:00a-12:00p 604B 211 Craddock, D 02/19
ABUS F005C Time, Project, and Meeting Management .6 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $120.00
Learning how to do more in less time is one of the fundamental requirements to accomplish a company's goals. This class teaches the principles of setting goals, prioritizing, keeping tasks in a timeline, eliminating non-productive activities, delegating tasks of less importance, and focus- ing on the task at hand. With these skills you can devote more time to your main job activities.
37466 T01 R 9:00a-12:00p 604B 211 Dexter, C 04/24-05/01
ABUS F006C Building a Quality Improvement Plan .3 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $60.00
Continuous quality improvement is critical to longevity and delivering quality products and services to customers. We will review components of a strong QI plan, how it supports processes/outcomes, promotes culture change, supports a client-centered philosophy, detects causes of variation in product or service quality, and how it supports long-term shared success through monitoring the system, process, and both client and employee feedback. In the end, a QI plan offers accountability, taps into input from all levels of organization and stakeholders while promoting teamwork, continuous review of process, and supports business practices driven by good management and not crisis.
38783 T01 W 9:00a-12:00p 604B 211 Craddock, D 02/12
ABUS F007C High Performance Sales Techniques .3 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $60.00
This class will help you improve your sales! We will learn why people buy and how to respond appropriately to make the sale. We will role play how to handle rejections using successful sales techniques. This course will help you build a trusting relationship, make a fan out of your customers, and pour in the referrals.
38784 T01 W 9:00a-12:00p 604B 211 Craddock, D 01/22
38785 T02 Sa 9:00a-12:00p 604B 211 Craddock, D 02/22
ABUS F008C Dealing with Difficult People .3 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $60.00
This class will help you develop the techniques for dealing with difficult people in the work- place by learning to set boundaries and limitations for yourself regarding what you will or will not tolerate from others. Learn to understand what motivates others, try to improve the effectiveness of your actions, maintain your integrity and self-esteem, and know when to let go. This will allow you to be more productive at work and help you to approach your job and personal life with more enjoyment and greater confidence.
38786 T01 W 9:00a-12:00p 604B 211 Craddock, D 03/12
CIOS F001C Intro to WordPress .3 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $60.00
Webpages and blogs are common ways to enhance your web presence. How you present yourself on the web can either add professionalism and credibility to you and your business, or detract from it. WordPress is a content management system that handles most of the technical and design aspects of a webpage or blog, and lets the user work on their webpage in a word-processor-like environment and allows site management. Join us for an introduc- tion to the program and learn how to utilize this tool to enhance your webpage or blog.
34725 TE1 R 6:00p-9:00p 604B 306 Partee, D 04/03
CIOS F002C Getting Your Camera Off Auto .3 CEU
Non-Graded CEU Course
Special fee in Lieu of tuition: $60.00
Learn how to get better photos from your digital SLR camera. Topics will include tips on composition, recognizing and using available light and on-camera flash, taking control of your camera's manual settings, and processing and storing your images for future access.
34726 TE1 R 6:00p-9:00p 604B 306 Paris, T 02/11


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